A flock of Franklin's gulls were flying around behind the store yesterday presumably eating insects. Denny quizzed Melissa and me on why these were Franklin's gulls and not ring-bills or Bonaparte's. The breakdown:

Black spot behind the eye.

Dark back, much darker than ring-billed.

Heavy lumbering flight, not bouncy and fluid.

I was thinking back to the last time I saw Franklin's gulls like this and it was right before a storm, a flock was flying around for insects right in front of the storm cloud. This time we got a storm again, although much later after seeing the gulls. Are these weather birds in the fall.? This morning is absolutely wonderful, there's a nice fall chill in the air and one of the main reasons I live in Minnesota. I took a quick look at the weather for Duluth this weekend and Sunday is supposed to be winds out of the Northwest, perfect for hawk watching.

This weekend should be busy at the store, we're having our Member Appreciation Sale. Saturday, I will be at the Blooming Wild Bird Store with Stan from 11am - 2pm and at our White Bear Lake Store from 3pm - 5pm.

Non Birding Bill and I ate the sulfur shelf last night and it was mighty tasty. Even though it's often called "chicken of the woods" it really doesn't taste anything like chicken. It sort of has a chicken texture, but it has a very woody flavor that I think goes really well in an omelet.