Anansi Boys

Mr. Neil's book Anansi Boys has come out and from what Non Birding Bill has told me it is quite popular. I think it's going to be on the NY Times Bestseller List next week. Yeah, go Neil! I have not read the tome in its entirety but I am very excited because we got the audio version from him and I am going to listen to it on my way to the Midwest Birding Symposium. I'm very excited because the audio is by Lenny Henry of Chef fame (if you haven't seen Chef, rent it, you'll love it).

For birders everywhere this book is a relief because Mr. Neil worked extra hard to make sure that all the bird info in it was accurate--he even used me as a resource. The birds may not have been documented in current literature as doing some of the behaviors in the book, but if birds were being controlled by some magical force the bird behaviors in Anansi Boys wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility.

Speaking of bird accuracy, I've caught a couple of episodes of CSI in syndication and the bird calls in the background are accurate. Thank you sound editor of CSI!

To change the subject, I have discovered that some days I am the silliest person I know. Recently I have noticed a slight tremor in my hands. It became noticeable to me about a year ago and in times of stress it comes out more. One day a few weeks ago my hand really started shaking when I picked up a pot of coffee at Super America. Well, after having a battery of tests it turns out I have something called "benign tremor" which is hereditary. Basically as I hold certain objects I my hands will tremble mildly. I can take drugs if it bothers me or just deal with it. I was so relieved, I called my sister Tracy afterwards telling her what was going on and she said, "Why didn't you call me? I've had that for years, so have your other sisters." Suddenly, I started thinking of all my sisters and my mother and thinking "Yes, they do shake when they hold a cup of coffee." What a goose I've been. Of course I have been imagining all these other worst case scenarios which basically ends up with me getting some unheard of disease that never lets me bird ever again. Again, I am the silliest person I know.

Hazel of Disapproving Rabbits fame also had a vet appointment today. She's nine years old and has always has some chronic respritory problems but is still in pretty good health for a rabbit her age...good grief, I just realized I'm going on and on about doctor appointments and ailments--what the heck, I'm in my thirties now and talking about aches and pains! Eeep! Must stop. Sorry about that.

Anyway, because of health good news and some other exciting news I'm going hawk trapping this weekend. My schedule has gotten really weird and I've had to give up some planned trips to Hawk Ridge this fall but it is leading to some pretty interesting developments which will be announced in
the next week or two. All I will say now is that blog entries about bird watching and birder gossip should be on the increase...