I and the Bird #6

Welcome to I and the Bird #6 which for some odd reason was put into the care of the birdchick whose blog has been referred to as an "ornithotabloid". So with tongue planted firmly in beak and in spirit of Weekly World News I bring you this week's edition of I and the Bird! Our cover bird this week is a first year sharp-shinned hawk in honor of the fall raptor migration.

Goshawk Nails Chicken! Reported by Whip-Poor-Will, the lord high executioner of the north woods lives up to the folk name "chicken hawk".

Hummingbird Wars have been Declared!
Demented Pixie noticed war had finally broke between the various factions on her balcony. Fear is spreading that the conflict is spreading to other species, when will the carnage end?

Woman Shacks Up with Parrot
! Girl Scientist takes in a friend's African Grey Parrot and learns some valuable life lessons.

Warbler Fallout at National Arboretum! DC Birding Blog narrowly survives 52 species in a bird walk with warblers everywhere.

Head for the Hills Pipits are coming
! The folks at The House and Other Arctic Musing warns of the arrival of these migrants. Do the come in peace or war...read the entry and you decide.

Crime Watch:
Have you seen this Potoo? Crows are Wise asks if you can find the potoo in their photo. It was last seen Veracruz, Mexico. If found, please let me know because I sure can't see it.

Cooper's Hawk on the Loose!
Dharma Bums follow the maruading of a blue darter that could be in your neighborhood checking your feeders.

Swallowed Swallows! Charlie's Blog reports on the incredible work of one man trying to conserve the delectable swallow in Africa. Graphic, yet oh so interesting photos in this post.

Society Page:
Gyrfalcon Remodels! Bird TLC gives us the inside scoop on remodeling for the falcon of kings.

Roadrunners Caught on Tape!
Firefly Forest Blog caught this exclusive video of a certain male roadrunner caught in coitus with a certain female roadrunner. An exchange of payment is distinctly visible though no charges have been filed. Warning, this video is graphic and is intended for mature audiences. Viewer discretion advised (as is Barry White playing in the background).

Hummingbirds Moving In! Mensa Barbie reports that a hummingbird we know and love has found a cozy nest in an adorable modern little abode. A source claiming to be close to the hummer reports that she will be raising the chicks on her own, but her publicist could not confirm that report.

Yellow Warbler snuck into Far Cartouche for a snack of moths.

Lifestyles of the Feathered and Australian! Ben Cruachan's Blog gives us the inside scoop on nesting down under. When many birds are focusing on migration these birds are content to stay home and raise chicks while reading "The Proper Care and Feeding of Male Fowl for the Current Nesting Season".

Inside Scoop:
Pelagics lead to Warblers! 10,000 Birds tried to go pelagic birding but were forced to watch migrating warblers instead. Is this a vast government conspiracy to cover the future presidency of Briteny Spears or coincidence...you be the judge.

Ivory-bill Causing Condor Cover Up?
Bootstrap Analysis wonders if the more glamourous Ivory-billed Woodpecker is taking away valuable funding from a not so pretty scavenger.

Ruth Beasley looks in depth at kingfisers
, are the benevolent family birds trying to make their way in this world or cruel water lords exploiting fish for their carnivorous pleasure?

Dave Pollard offers bird feeding tips and insights into bird feeding behavior. Are birds scrupulous gourmets or little Jean Valjeans looking for moral victories?

Who is Tom Nelson and why should we care? I don't know, but he sure has a lot to say about Ivory-billed Woodpeckers.

Birds Smell Good
. Birdchick explores her obsession with smelling birds. Is this a new way to appreciate birds...or is she just some sick weirdo who shouldn't be allowed around children?

Thomasburg Walks
explores why he's a birder. Is it Chi imbalance or caving to peer pressure or a genetic mutation? Read on and learn the answer.

David Ringer offers his advice for birding...and almost ends up dead. Could these rules work for you and improve your birding...if not, you'd at least be dying doing what you love.

El Llanero describes a perfect birding day in Red Bluff Lake...which I find incredibly hard to believe since there were no goshawks involved.