Sparrow Sparrow Whoa!

So while downloading photos from the NovaBird Camera I set up behind the store, I was watching oodles of sparrow photos go by when this one suddenly interrupted them--a wood chuck. This is new, we haven't seen a chuck behind the store before. I hope it behaves and stays out by the feeders and doesn't try to eat it's way into the crib (our extra storage). I love woodchucks in areas I don't mine them chewing, but I just can't have them in the store.

Another thought: I might need to change my moniker. I called my publisher and when the receptionist asked who it was I said, "Sharon the Birdchick". There was an awkward "oh" and then silence. Gordon got on the phone laughing his head off and asked, "Sharon?" I answered that it was in fact me and between guffaws he asked how I described myself...apparently, the receptionist didn't hear "birdchick" but "birds***".