Uhaul Goshawk

This morning Non Birding Bill and I went to Sunny Side Up for breakfast and as soon as we parked, I gasped and whispered "Goshawk." There it was, larger than life painted on the side of a Uhaul parked on 27th Street. I pretended I was an unsuspecting pheasant and NBB snapped a photo.

The only disappointing part of the ad is there is no information about goshawks or the Tongass National Forest at www.uhaul.com like it suggests. I went to check as soon as I got home so I could add a link to this entry and there was nothing there. I felt like Ralphie in "A Christmas Story" when he learned his Orphan Annie Decoder was in fact a crummy Ovaltine commerical. However, I found it oddly comforting that some advertising executive thougth a goshawk would be a good draw for the Uhaul website.