Disaffected Coots

Tonight I headed over to Lake Calhoun to watch the ring-billed and herring gulls come in to roost for the evening. There were few rafts of coots lurking near the shore (pictured left). I had my spotting scope and a video camera to film the birds and after about 20 minutes a woman came up and asked if I was looking for the bald eagle. She then told me about the rare eagle that had been hanging around. She asked what I was looking at and I pointed out to the hundreds of gulls massing out in front of us and she looked me like I was nuts--why would I want to look at that instead of the rare eagle? I tried to tell her that eagles were pretty common during migration around the Twin Cities, but I don't think she bought it since I was crazy enough to be more interested in scrubby gulls. I want to use the gull footage for KARE 11 on Monday, by the way we are dressing in costume for the show--should be a good time.

Meanwhile, my rabbit is stoned. I got Cinnamon a mineral block and she has been licking it all night and has been sitting on it looking blitzed out of her mind for the last half hour.

For the record, that is one of Non Birding Bill's movies next to her called Dracula's Dog--"Man's Best Friend May Be Man's Worst Fiend". We watched it for a bad movie night party and it wasn't bad, it was boring. Not recommended for any viewing...at all...not even for bad movie parties.