Fun with birdPod

So in the process of transitioning jobs I haven't had a chance to play with a new software called birdPod. If you have an iPod and the Stokes CD set you can download this software to organize the CD set in iTunes and your iPod.

When I first started loading all of my bird CDs onto my iPod, I had this noble idea of organizing them, but this software does it for you (only with the Stokes CDs) and puts them into alphabetical order, phylo order, or eleven other tracks according to habitat or my personal favorite Crazy Birds. A really cool feature is that the software takes all of the tracks that have two different species like the White Pelican/Double-crested Cormorant Track and divides it into two separate tracks.

Another cool feature is that it takes Lang Elliot's narration off (no offence, Lang) which is handy if you want to use the tracks for calling in birds or just want to test yourself on how well you know your calls. I also like this feature because when your not sure of a bird and you just want to play the calls, taking out the narration cuts back on the possibility of you trying to turn the bird into the rarity you hope it was.

I had some trouble installing it and the staff at birdPod was prompt and patient with me while we tried to figure out the problem. My problem: I had previously installed the Stokes CDs into iTunes and had several tracks in several different playlists. Once I took the Stokes out of the library and reinstalled that solved the problem.

If you don't already have an iPod or the Stokes set, you can order everything through birdPod online store and I believe they have the software available for both the eastern and the western regions.