I am in Wisconsin

Okay, first things first. I should not do blog entries as soon as I get home from a weekend of fun with birding friends and a five hour drive. Good grief, typos riddled that last post and links were spotty, sorry about that. If you are looking for more Midwest Birding Sypmosium hijinks, be sure to check out Bill of the Birds blog and WildBird on the Fly blog.

Today I spent the day with Non Birding Bill in Middleton, WI visiting Eagle Optics. I was so touched, they had a sign on the door welcoming Bill and I as soon as we pulled up. I was like a kid in a candy store: binoculars and scopes everywhere. I’m so excited to be working with such a great group of people. I had always considered myself quite lucky to have landed a full time job at a wild bird store and now I am truly in birder heaven working for a company whose optics I have used in the past.

I got to see where Mike McDowell lurks when not he’s not blogging, see the storage area for binoculars and scopes and meet the guy who fixes optics. He was kind of doing an autopsy on a pair as soon as Dan showed me around.

We brought Cinnamon with us and she is having a blast on the carpeted floor of the hotel room. She's been doing laps nonstop around from the door to the desk. She can reach higher velocities on carpeting than she can on our hard wood floors at home.