I and the Bird 8

I and the Bird 8 is up and running at TroutGrrrl's Science and Sarcasm Blog. For those who have never checked it out, it's a great read and a wonderful way to learn of new and other bird blogs that you may not have heard of before.

On another note, while preparing for the traveling I'll be doing over the next couple of weeks, I thought it was time to clean out my purse and discovered and owl pellet that I forgot about that had kind of dissected itself from weeks of hiding in one of my purse pockets. The contents were too crumbled to photograph, but there did appear to be tiny bits of insect exoskeletons which makes me wonder if it's not a great horned but a long-eared or even saw-whet. Too bad the pellet crumbled, that was going to be a cool blog entry. I found the pellet at a certain spot on the yellow dot trail at Hawk Ridge and on subsequent visits I have found more pellets. I will probably be in the area in a week or two and check for more pellets.

Well, I am off to Midwest Birding Symposium this morning. Hopefully I will find easy wireless access and have some fun gossip to report.