God of Cookery

Milk River Blog is trying to compile a list of obscure movies and is inviting bloggers everywhere to participate. Since Non Birding Bill and I frequently host Bad Movie Nights we have a whole list of movies that people have never heard of (or should have heard of for that matter).

One obscure movie that is my absolute favorite movie of all time is God of Cookery (also known as Sik San). It's an early Stephen Chow movie that pokes fun at the whole Hong Kong fighting genre mixed with some Iron Chef. Everyone that we show this movie to ends up falling in love with it. Come to think of it, if you know of someone who enjoys Jackie Chan movies or Hong Kong movies in general, they will love this movie as a gift. NBB gave it to me for Christmas a couple of years ago.

Stephen starts out as the brilliant but corrupt God of Cookery and then gets publicly humiliated by an underling working with the local Triad. He must rediscover the heart of cooking by participating in violent street cooking and eventually going to Chinese Cooking Academy which turns out to be the kitchen of the ancient Shaolin Monastary. The movie builds up to a final cooking/fighting battle between Stephen and the underling who humiliated him as they via for the true title of God of Cookery--Sik San!

This movie is better than Kung Fu Hustle and ten times better then Shaolin Soccer. It makes a great date movie.