Saw-whet Owls on the move

Scott Thornhill, an fm107 listener sent me a fantastic photo of a saw-whet owl in his yard in Brooklyn Park-a suburb of Minneapolis. It just goes to show that owls can be anywhere at any time. A few years ago, a saw-whet roosted just outside of the library in downtown Minneapolis for a few weeks. It's owl migration right now, so if you have one in your yard, chances are it will be gone the next day. If you see one in your yard in December, then it might stick around for awhile.

Yesterday I got back on The Raptor Center horse. I had to step down from handling and giving programs earlier this year since I was too busy to dedicate a set amount of time to it. But with my new schedule I'm able to join a regular education crew on Tuesday mornings. I knew I missed giving TRC programs, but didn't realize exactly how much I missed it. Yesterday I just kind of got to know the crew and learn all of our responsibilities on top of giving programs. I'll have to do some touch up training as far as handling goes, but hopefully I'll be back in form before the month is out.