And Now Off To Arkansas

"I don't approve of this. Who's going to sneak me spinach and pine nuts during dinner?"

I would like to say that Cinnamon is helping me pack, but alas she is trying to nibble the ghillie suit when she thinks I'm not watching.

So, I'm off for two weeks out in the middle of a Non Birding Bill...No Bunnies...No Internet--not a single luxury! Like Robinson Carusoe, it's primitive as can be. I hope no one calls me "little buddy".

A big thank you to everyone who has sent me their best wishes for my trip. I wish I had time to reply to all of you but I got swept up into packing. Thank you so much.

I now, I gladly turn over this blog to the lovely and talented Julie Zickefoose. I'm lovin' the artwork she's got going on so far. I hope Cinnamon doesn't get too upset about Chet Baker.