Because it's no fun unless the police show up

Minnesota and Wisconsin are having a snowy owl 'splosion...or is it irruption? Snowy owls have been reported heavily in both states and all heck has broken loose the last few days with snowys being reported here there and everywhere.

For the last few days there has been a snowy owl at the Minneapolis/St Paul Airport--which traditionally has been a good spot, but ever since 911 has been off limits to birders. Another one was spotted this year and is hanging out close enough to the fence for birders to safely get a peak...or so we thought. I made it out in time to find the owl and snap a few photos through the chain link fence (below) and then the police came. Yesterday's officer had let the birders know that as long as we stayed six feet from the fence we were okay. Today's officer said that the parking lot we were using was a construction site and not for unauthorized users, regardless if the none of the signs said no trespassing. I left as soon as the officer did. I noticed a couple birders still hung around, which I is not my style. Once the police say go, I go. For two reasons: 1. I don't want to go to jail and 2. Testing police patience just makes them not like birders and want to run them off the property altogether.

Turns out that there was a snowy owl seven blocks from my apartment building this morning...maybe that was what the reason the crows were going bonkers. Plus, someone else reported seeing a snowy owl in St. Paul this afternoon. Is some huge snowy owl irruption happen and end while I'm Arkansas--oh drat, I feel like double booked Marcia Brady.