Chet Discovers Ice

Chet Baker left for his morning ramble as usual, stepping carefully through the icy snow that's been lying around for four days. When he came back inside, he was soaking wet. Pawprints and shattered ice on the fishpond told the story. Chet now knows all about ice. Being a Boston terrier, he thought the whole thing was funny, and made sure to leap on all the beds, trailing pondwater as he zoomed around the house, laughing a wide dog smile. He's bundled in now for most of the rest of the day, until we walk the Loop this afternoon.

Joni Mitchell has a line in her song "Electricity" that I sing to myself as Chet and I set out in the afternoon.

Well, I'm learning-it's peaceful
With a good dog and some trees

Out of touch with the breakdown of the century...