Get A Wild Bird Magazine

I just got the January/February Issue of WildBird Magazine in the mail, and I was skimming it and found the coolest survey! It's the 1st Annual The Best of Birding Reader Survey. It covers feeders, binoculars, field guides, bird festivals, media. It's so cool! And, there is even a category for best birding blog. As tempted as I am to start my shameless self promotion of begging everyone out there to select my blog, I know it's a long shot. There are some new blogs popping up all the time so it will be fun to see who gets selected. There are several I watch but don't necessarily link to like Birding Is Not A Crime, Mike Hendrickson's Soapbox, 10,000 Birds, Birder Blog, just to name a few. I try to keep my number of links low to keep it clean on the side of the page and I try to link to blogs that everyone else isn't linking to, to help support some of the hiding gems out in the internet.

Anyway, there are some other articles that look intriguing like the Birding By Impression by Kevin T. Karlson. This becoming the next big thing in birding (besides butterflies). Rumor has it that Pete Dunne is writing a field guide based on his impressions of birds (I'm trying to remember his exact quote that I read, it almost made him sound kind of kinky because he was going to watch every North American bird so he could be intimately familiar with it, or something along those lines). Karlson is working on a book of shorebirds based on impressions and the Stokes touched on it a little bit during a presentation at the Midwest Birding Symposium.

Anyway, get a WildBird Magazine to fill out the survey!