I Really Want to Disapprove...

Cinnamon is perplexed.

I was putting groceries away and she came in to the kitchen (where "in theory" she is not allowed to go) to disapprove of how I was loading the fridge but was caught off guard when I told her we were going to Madison next week to check in with the gang at Eagle Optics. She wants to disapprove but obviously cannot contain her excitement. We're going to the Concourse Hotel and I think she has a thing for Brian the bartender at the Governer's Club Lounge. She did finally end with disapproving of the amount of dust under the baker's rack.

I'm getting an idea of where Eagle Optics will be sending me the first couple of months of 2006: Bird Watch America (considering that Amy Hooper, Bill Thompson and Jeff Bouton will be on hand, I'm sure that means karaoke. Bobby Harrison will be there as well so I'd like to see if we can get him to sing some Elvis songs.), San Diego Bird Festival, Connecticut Audubon Society Bald Eagle Festival (which has Phil Donahue moderating one of the speakers--Phil Donahue a birder? I'm actually not so sure. This is an eagle festival and having led my fair share of eagle trips I find that bald eagles bring out quite a few non birders. Even Non Birding Bill will go out with me to look for eagles--anyway, I should get some interesting blog material from that), and the Ivory-billed Woodpecker Celebration. That carries me through February. Sometime in there I'm supposed to go with Non Birding Bill to Ohio to visit the Non Birding Inlaws. Whew!

When I started working at All Seasons Wild Bird Store, I worked out of the company headquarters in Bloomington. I used to joke that the bosses were sending me further away as I went on to work at the Minnetonka store and then even further at the Wayzata store. I wonder what I should make of Dan at Eagle Optics who is sending me around the country and away to swamps?

I'm still not fully recovered from my trip. I went out with NBB to his holiday office dinner and had only one drink and lots of sushi and crashed on our Love Sac by 8:30pm when we got home. However, I am making progress by waking up naturally at 6:30am instead of 4:45am. Tuesday morning I had a segment on Balanced Breakfast with Ian and Margery. On more than one occasion I am awake as soon as the producer calls to tell me that I'm on after the next commercial. I think I do a pretty good job of sounding awake. Although one morning I did get stumped when Ian asked where the "gos" from "goshawk" came from and I couldn't remember that is was from "goose hawk"--that was embarassing. Anyway, this week I was up and raring to go--even making a tasty breakfast for NBB as I chatted away on my segment. That is a huge plus to doing radio segments as opposed to tv segments, you do not have to be cleaned up or spiffed up...or even wearing clothes for that matter.