One Last Post for the Week

Hi Ho, Sharon here!

Okay, one last check of email and interrupting Julie before getting back to serious, hard core, so intense that it is almost soul crushing birding for the next week (and I am loving every minute of it). Yesterday one of my team members Jeff and I prank called Birding Bill. It was awesome.

Tonight we are going back to our oh-so-humble-abode but we are taking a moment to admire the miles and miles of snow geese flying over our heads--too cool (or kewl as my niece Nicole would use with her hip lingo).

I did get to try the famous Ivory-bill Hamburger and will have tons of fun photos to post. Brinnkley, AR is one of the friendliest towns I have ever been in. Everyone is so polite and helpful, I really like it here.

Oh, for the record: canoing across/through ice is a huge and noisy pain in the tookus.

And for those who were curious and or worried about how to use the bathroom in chest waders in the swamp: It's not as hard as you think, you get a system down and quite frankly if you have to go bad enough you don't notice how cold it is as you're whipping them off.

And for the record, Cinnamon may not be able to pull a sled, but she can chew a phone line faster than any other lagomorph this side of the Mississippi.