Because I haven't blogged enough today

Must be blogging withdrawal.

So, Non Birding Bill and I decided to head over to the Urban Bean to catch up and maybe just feel a little arty sitting there with our tea or coffee while he works on one of his plays and I look like I'm writing something deep and meaningful and am actually surfing the net for things like old tv shows I've forgotten about like 227 or Amen.

On our way out the back door of our apartment building I notice something on the floor at the other end of the hallway. At first glance it looks like a sleeping crow. I think, I'm way too tired if I'm seeing birds in the apartment building, but I linger and try to determine if it is some odd piece of laundry that got left on the floor or if it really is a bird. What the heck would a bird be doing in our apartment building anyway just sitting in the middle of the hallway. NBB stood at the door watching me expectantly, ready to leave. I said, "There's something on the floor and I'm going to go see what it is. It looks like a bird."

I walked down the hallway, towards the object and sure enough it was a bird--a pigeon! It was sitting right in the middle of the hallway, head tucked behind it sleeping. I walked all the way up and crouched on the floor and said, "Hey, dude, whatcha doin'?" The pigeon didn't stir. I blew on it, and it opened it's eyes and seemed a tad surprised. The pigeon had a droopy wing and instead of flying away towards the stairs away from me, it started running away (kinda like Whimpy from the Popeye cartoons).

I told NBB that it was injured and we had to go to the WRC. He went up, double checked their hours that they would be open and off we went. When I picked the bird up, it didn't put up much of a struggle, however the keel and breast area felt like there was some good meat on it so it wasn't starving.

We dropped it off and made a donation to the WRC (because birds have lousy health insurance), hopefully it will be okay. But I'm consumed with how the heck it got in the building and how did it get injured? Did someone in our building let it in? Did someone see it injured outside, picked it up, brought it in from the cold? Did someone leave a security door open while unloading groceries and the bird made it's way inside? I don't know, but I'll be ruminating all evening about it while working on more reviews.