Big Willow Park

I went to Big Willow Park in Minnetonka to look for saw-whet owls. But it's hard to look for owl sign when it's this snowy. Thursday and Friday we got one of those textbook snows that's perfect for making snowmen and sticks to everything making it look like a winter wonderland. Normally, all this stuff falls off the trees after about 24 hours, but we've had very little wind and it's stayed just below freezing so there was still quite a bit of snow on the trees three days later. It looked like there was a cotton plant in explosion in Big Willow because there were clumps and balls of snow on all the branches. Beautiful though it is, it makes for searching for fresh owls sign (white splotches of poop) impossible.

On the drive home I figured I would see a red-tailed hawk on 394 or a peregrine hanging out on the Colonnade--nope. I had just decided to head to the airport for another try for a snowy when I drove past a kestrel sitting on a light post so I went home and did some writing.

While doing some surfing I found this, I think I'm going to have to get one for Cinnamon and one for Hazel (they don't share). Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for the customer reviews and photos. I'm sure all the bunny owners took those photos thinking, "Aren't they cute?" but I knew the truth. Those rabbits are thinking, "I disapprove of shabby cardboard housing." Cinnamon loves to climb so I think this might appeal to her. Hazel does too, but she's so old (well past ten years old now and starting to go a blind) so I might just get her the ramp instead of the whole huge box.