Bird Store Job Available

All Seasons Wild Bird Store in Wayzata is looking for part-time help. That is the store I used to manage and now my good friend Melissa has taken over the helm. She wouldn't be a bad boss--I trained her in, so I should know.

Working at a bird store is tons of fun, what other job would allow you to sneak peaks at the cool wetland behind the store where there have been eastern bluebirds (sitting on the Peterson box I put out behind the store, pictured at the top of this entry), hooded mergansers that nested in the wood duck box, red-tailed hawks, Harris sparrows, oodles of Baltimore orioles, soras, Virginia rails, great-horned owls and tons of other great birds? You get to talk about birds all through your shift (how cool is that), there is an ample supply of chocolate and there is one spanky discount--if you go through bird seed like I go through bird seed, it is worth it for the employee discount alone.

You MUST be able to lift 50 pounds to work there, because you will have to carry bags of bird seed out to customer's cars. You must also be friendly, have an interest in bird feeding, able to use a computer and type at least 20 words per minute.

If you are interested call Melissa at 952-473-4283. If you would like any gossip about Melissa to help secure your chances at getting the job, let me know. I have to admit, I do have a vested interest in this. The sooner she gets some part-time help, the sooner I can go out birding with her again.