Reviews are Coming

I finally have a quiet moment at the Atlanta Airport for some catching up on Bird Watch America. I'll be going over the things that really excited or puzzled me in the next day or so.

I have to say I always have a good time at the Atlanta airport, people are so friendly in the south. Of course you kind of are forced into it at the restaurants because you tables are so crammed together.

I do get a kick out of some of the manufacturers who show up who have read about bird/backyard bird watcher demographic and may have read a pamphlet on birds to the extent of how it relates to their product and then try to talk to you about it and they just have no clue.

There was one booth that had an item that is hard to find but I was glad to know a place that carries it so I can refer people there. For the moment, the identity will remain anonymous so I can relate the following conversation about pest repellents:

Birdchick: So, does this keep woodpeckers away?

Vendor: No, you wouldn't want to use that, you would want to use this item over here, that product you're holding isn't for birds.

Birdchick: But why does it show a starling as one of the pests it keeps away?

Vendor: Wow, you really know your birds, very good!

Birdchick (silently in her head): ??????

Vendor: A starling shouldn't be pictured on there, that's not right. It only works for mammals and insects.