Birding Is Not A Crime (unless done certain areas)

Birding is Not a Crime blog has been keeping close tabs on our Florida gent, so check out what he has to say regarding our latest self proclaimed ivory-bill expert. Word on the street though, is that some birders are going to check the area. I just hope they find an ivory-bill and not a decoy.

My mother, my dear, sweet, wacky mother sent me a card. People wonder where I get my sense of humor and other wackiness, it is pretty much from her. As a matter of fact, I am down right tame compared to my mother. Non Birding Bill once referred to her as Sharon Squared. To get an idea, I'm posting a card she sent. Here is the cover:

Here is the inside note:

And here's Cinnamon's disapproval:

The sweet thing is that my mother is praying for me, in her own Christian Science way (and that's Christian Science, not to be confused with Scientology--I don't think Tom Cruise or John Travolta combined are prepared to handle my mother). The card truly did sum up our relationship. Good one, mom, and thanks for the prayers and for makin' me smile!