GIANT Disapproval

I was sent the story below from Scott Schultz the crazy inventor who developed the Squngee (rhymes with bungee). We can thank Scott for coming up with a way to distract squirrels while getting entertained at the same time. If you are ever looking for a unique gift for someone, I highly recommend a Squngee. A man stunned onlookers at an agriculture fair in Berlin when he brought his 22lb rabbit along. Passers-by thought Hans Wagner had a large cuddly toy with him and were shocked when they discovered the 3 ft 1in rabbit was real. Herman is one of a breed called the German Giant reports the Daily Mail. A spokesman from the German Rabbit Breeders' Association said: "They are good-natured, reliable and calm. They are, however, because of their size, not very suitable for children." Most German Giants reach between 16lb and 18lb. But Herman - who eats more than 1lb of food a day - has just kept growing. He lives in a specially-constructed hutch made of solid oak.

22 Pounds?!? I think that maybe too much rabbit, even for me. And I'm sorry, a solid oak hutch? I know how quick a seven pound Cinnamon can chew through most things, I give a 22 pound rabbit about two weeks to get out of that hutch. Sheesh.