Ivory-bill Haircut

I originally posted this entry Saturday morning. As soon as I hit "publish post" there was a commotion in the vendor area and low and behold an Ivory-bill Haircut Demonstration was in progress. I recovered the post so I could add in this rarely captured event! Pictured left is hard working volunteer Bart sitting in for Penny to work her hair magic. Bart was the best, not only did he help keep the festival moving, but he was kind enough to find a box for me to stand on during my presentation so I could see over the podium. Standing next to Penny in the orange ivory-bill shirt is Lisa Boyd who runs the Ivory-bill Nest-- your one stop shop for everything ivory-bill. My friends ask if I will ever get an Ivory-bill Haircut on one of my trips to Brinkley. Cute as it is, I just don't think it's a good day to day style for me. But we had seen some men that have chosen this bold fashion statement at the celebration. They style appears to require lots of gel and colors (even more color than I put in my hair).

People surrounded Bart and snapped photos in awe of his bravery (pictured, right). Bart mentioned that he got a discount on the cut, because he already had white hair, so Penny could skip adding that color in. As soon as Bart's cut was finished, Lisa loudly asked, "Okay, who wants the next one?" I've never seen a crowd disperse so quickly in whole life! I did find more men with the avian hair style. So, what does an Ivory-bill Haircut look like? Well, here is Bart receiving his finishing touches:

And here's another satisfied customer:

And it wasn't just for the mature birder. The young guys were sportin' this do as well:

And it's not just for people with hair! Even if you are "closely cropped" so to speak, you can still get this high fashion style. Here is tv reporter Todd Wilson of KTHV sporting an Ivory-bill Haircut:

It is interesting to note that NO WOMEN, not a single one was spotted at the celebration with the cut. I was told is was a unisex style, but the ladies weren't diggin' it.