I love my self packing bunny!

Who needs a wake up call from the front desk at a hotel when you have a bunny who decides to do laps at 5:45am? Go, my little health conscious lagomorph, go.

Yesterday, I was more than a little irritated last night, for some reason the photo application on blogger is not working. I tried to find some help on blogger.com, but apparently lots of people are having this problem and aren't getting help for it. I'm five hours away from Non Birding Bill, my webmaster who knows some tricks up his sleeve to get photos onto the blog but here I am away for a week, going to places with great photo opportunities, how can I not load photos? Well, since Cinna-bunny-butthead was kind enough to wake me up so early, I decided to try and see if I could figure out what kind of voodoo NBB works to load photos, and I'm sure I'm not doing it correctly, but I opened Cyber Duck and seemed to have figured something out. I'm sure NBB is going to read this entry and think, "Oh crap, what's she fiddling with and what is happening to other parts of her site?" or he may be thinking, "Finally, she's figuring it out and I won't have to put up with her wicked task master ways anymore, she can do her own website, mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa!"

Any hoo, I should be able to load photos now for the rest of the week. And to prove it, here is another photo of Cinnamon when I announced my triumph of finally uploading photos:

"I don't approve of you fiddling with the website. You might mess up my page."