Birds As Weather Forecaster

So, I was a little snarky about this proposed snow storm. Yesterday morning, the view from my window looked like this:

I predicted by the lack of feeder activity, we wouldn't get much snow. So, what does it look like this morning?

Birds, you failed me as a weather forecaster! I shake my fist at you! My alarm clock this morning was a cardinal at the feeder chowing down. Often times, pigeons fighting over the window ledge are what wake me up, but they were no where to be seen. I opened the window to top off the feeders.

The snow is coming down and visibility is low. Metro area highways are being closed down, people are calling in to fm107 to report what they're seeing while not moving on the roads. Someone passed two snow plows in a ditch! Snow plows--that's nuts. Fortunately, when not traveling, I work from home, so I should be able to just do what I normally do. Today I need to pack anyway, I'm supposed to head to Madison tomorrow and then off to Kearney on Thursday. Hopefully, it will be plowed tomorrow.

So, what's the lesson for me in all of this? Never trust the birds.