KARE 11 Changes

I think I'm scooping CJ, (the gossip columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune).

Today we filmed the "Goodbye Show" for the KARE 11 Today Show. Last fall, it was reported that after 13 years, the mid-morning show was slightly changing formats. The show has always been an opportunity for local stores to come on and talk about their products and services. That will still happen, but you will now have to pay an advertising fee. The new show has the tentative name of Minnesota Showcase.

In the meantime, the show will continue for the next two weeks, with the Goodbye Show airing on March 24. After that, the new show will be on hiatus and should begin airing in June. I should be back on, I'm certainly going to try. Not all of the segments will be a commercial format, they will keep some strictly informational and I fall in that category. Pat and Roxanne, the hosts will be moving on and two new hosts have been picked. I was told the names, but alas, I am only good at remembering bird names and not people names. (Ask me the name of the American robin, I dare ya'! It's Turdus migratorius.) I just got an email from one of the producers, the new hosts are Rob Hudson and Corbin Seitz.

The show is normally live, but we had to film the final show ahead of time to fit with everyone's schedule. The producers gathered all of the regular guests today for a final group shot. I wish we had some kind of get together sooner. We all knew each other, but never really had a chance to connect on a social basis. I have always felt a connection to Louise, the organization lady. She knows organization as well as I know birds. If you ever need to get your life/home in order, she's the one to call. She teaches classes and she also can be hired to be your personal organizer. The best part is that Louise won't make you feel bad about getting your stuff together, she treats you with her gentle sense of humor.

Some of the regulars are on during days when I'm not on, so I've never had a chance to meet them. For example, today I got to meet Jill Spiegel, the flirtologist. Yes, you read that correctly, she is a flirtologist--she wrote the book(s) on flirting. Again, can I say how much fun I have with what I do? I get to work knee deep in bird watching and meet people with really interesting careers: a professional organizer and a flirtologist--are ya' kidding me? I have read about Jill in People Magazine, and she's been on the national Today Show, Oprah and she has her own program on Saturday nights on fm107. Her books are fairly well known and I don't know if you have ever heard her or have seen her on tv, but she's very excited and intense about what she does. She's like that in person. It was fun to caught up in the whirlwind that is a conversation with her. She's genuine and excited, so you can't help but be excited too.

Speaking of flirting, I saw a peregrine hanging out on the Colonnade Building on the way home. If you have been watching the falcon cams in Minnesota, you can watch the birds getting friendly.