Loose Ends

Yesterday, Val Cunningham posted that she and friend Kim Gordon went south to the Minnesota /Iowa border and found seven short-eared owls. I have never seen a short-eared owl, I have handled them at The Raptor Center and have done just about anything you can do legally to them, but I have never just watched one doing its thing out in the wild. I'm trying to tie up my loose ends right now so I can take the two and a half hour drive south to catch them doing their thing late in the afternoon.

Oh, and last week when I linked to this photo of our Ivory-bill Search Team, I got this from Steve Moore:

I visited the Cornell site to see your search picture. After viewing all the photos I believe I have solved the mystery; you are scaring away all the IBWs dressed like that. No more motley a crew have I seen.

So, now everybody can blame me for the lack of decent photos.