More Bunny Indignity

Are these goldfinches feasting at the Rowe Sanctuary a sign of the storm to come?

Oh dear, Kearney is officially under a winter storm warning and currently rain is shifting to snow. Tonight at the banquet at the Rivers and Wildlife Festival it was announced that the prairie chicken blind trip tomorrow morning is cancelled, since the chickens will not be "workin' the lek" (mating) due to the impending snow. The crane blind trip is still a go since the cranes landed on the river tonight to roost and when they wake up in the morning, they can't really "sleep in" on the water so that experience should still be magical and worthwhile. Wussy prairie chickens. I wonder if Cinnamon and I will be able to make the 18 miles from my hotel to my booth at Rowe Sanctuary tomorrow?

Speaking of Cinnamon, when I take her outside, you can tell she is not sure what to make of all the crane sounds. When I am carrying her from the car to the booth, she gets very tense and is trying to figure out the source of the sound, but just doesn't know what to make of it.

Cinnamon is earning her pay by being the model for testing out close focusing of binoculars at the Eagle Optics booth. I made her wear a harness and leash while at the festival because I realize that just because I enjoy the company of the bunny, doesn't mean all the vendors around me do.

She's certainly a hit and everyone loves her. Her leash is about sixteen feet long and during lulls in foot traffic, she will take a few moments to check out the other booths.

Here, Cinnamon is taking a visit to sculptor Gary Ginther's booth on the left to check out his pewter eagles and cranes. Gary's work can be seen around Kearney and he recently did a ten foot buffalo sculpture for Ted Turner. Cinnamon was also very interested in the wooden frames surrounding the photos of Mark Urwiller. At one point Cinnamon got a little tangled in her long leash and Mark was kind enough to lend a hand. He picked her up, which normally Cinnamon hates, but she was fairly relaxed in his arms and allowed him to pet her--she didn't thrash at all, she must really like him, either that or he is some sort of bunny whisperer on top of photographer.

True to form Cinnamon gives Mark a disapproval. He's now part of a very illustrious club. I think Cinnamon is enjoying the attention overall. She's been getting tons of treats and lots of head scratches. The only big problem she has is wearing the harness:

"I disapprove of this dignity robbing harness. I am a force of nature who cannot be tamed by some mere human."