Blog With Potential--Edited

I was scanning Fat Birder's Top 500 (although, it's currently only the top 336) and came across Alan's BirdCam Blog. Lots of photos and it appears so far to be about what's going on in his yard. Some really fun photos and video of warblers, thrashers, towhees and grosbeaks at his feeder.

After I posted about Alan's blog, a reader pointed out to me that in the comments section of his last entry was this note:

"This was the last posting by Alan. He passed away within an hour of posting this wonderful image. "

I rarely read comment sections on blogs and had completely missed that. Thank you, Lea, for bringing that to my attention. I'm so sorry for his family's loss and even though he is no longer with us, we can enjoy and share in the love he had for the birds at his feeder. For some, he gave the gift of cyber birding.