Extra Extra! Kenn Kaufman Wears A NON Blue Shirt

For as long as I've known him, Kenn Kaufman has always worn some form of blue shirt. Don't believe me? Grab the latest WildBird magazine and check out the Nikon ad with Kaufman in it. Take a look at his photo on the back of one of his field guides or Lives of North American Birds. You can also see the blue shirt evidence here, here, here, here and even here.

Betsy Beneke and I were pointing this out the first night he was here in Utah and what do you suppose happens today--he's wearing a greenish plaid shirt. I almost didn't recognize him in a color other than blue. It looked incredibly fresh, I can't help but wonder if he ran out last night and bought one. I'll be curious to see how long this non blue shirt trend continues.

In other news, Non Birding Bill sent me this link to a blog called An American Werewolf in Japan about gulls. It's a cute entry--although hard core birders be warned, he calls them seagulls and not gulls. He probably doesn't know any better so go easy on him.