Girl Bonding Over Woodcocks

Last night was the best night of woodcocking yet this year. Went out with my friend Amber, it was last minute. The moon was bright, and not only did we hear woodcocks, but we heard Wilson's snipe and coyotes (fairly close coyotes at that). The male woodcock we were watching really put on a show. Another male came in, and there was a slight tussle. Our guy was peenting away and as soons as the other male dropped in, his peent changed tone. It's hard to take woodcock machismo seriously since they wobble like Weebles when they walk, but they give it their all. At one point, our dude shoved his tail in the air like a wren, dropped his wings and wiggled them up and down. He then gave a sputtering call that sounded like Burt from Sesame Street if he were laughing after inhaling some helium. H chased out the rival male and gave his flight display. You go, boy!