Wild Whooping Crane In Minnesota!

Here is where all the listers will be Saturday morning. Below is an email commentary by Bob Russell on the report:

Carrol Henderson forwarded a contact to me this afternoon and I just managed to get online and view the fellow's photograph. Looks like a whooping crane and I don't see any color bands although the quality is not sharp. He has a better photograph and I'm trying to get hold of it now. For now, check out the website at BurtrumNews.com and information on the general location of the bird. I am suspicious that if this is the same bird that was near Zimmerman a couple of days ago, then it's trying to get back on a bearing for Alberta, perhaps after being blown east from the storms last week, and is farther north than most Wisconsin birds have ever wandered in MN so we better watch this bird, it could easily be a wild whooper. If anyone locates this bird on Saturday please post directions, do not disturb it (use your car as a blind) and see if you see any color bands. Most Aransas birds are not banded and the few that still are have metal bands only.

Bob Russell