Freaky Hot Weekend

When I moved to Minnesota, I did not sign up for super hot summers.

Okay, so summertime snow isn't what I want either. The above photo isn't really snow, it's just from the cottonwood trees. This weekend it's been in the upper 90s with high humidity so it feels like it's well over 100--ugh. One top of that, our air conditioner decided to go give up the ghost on Sunday.

"Oooo, I don't approve of no air conditioning! I'm sitting on the cockatiel's food until you rectify the situation."

I knew we were in a precarious situation, it was unusually hot on Saturday and no doubt all the places that carry air conditioners wouldn't have their supply high for this time of year, but we chanced it and got the last energy efficient window unit air conditioner in our price range. Ah, the secret to a happy marriage is air conditioning.

The heat was having an odd effect on everyone.

Here is a motley little crew filming a video in our ally. I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure these are our next door neighbors. They kind of remind me of a Beastie Boys video from Paul's Boutique.

The guy in the green jumpsuit and eye patch wielding an accordion was intriguing. He didn't play too badly.

Here we have a drake mallard chillin' on top of a neighbor's roof--what's that all about?

And now Non Birding Bill is taking photos of birds, and on top of that a really cool brown bird, a dickcissel. What's happening to my world? Cool weather please come back and restore my sanity.