I Really Dislike Mr. Neil's Bear

I had intended more photos for this post but blogger is acting wonky and I'm getting tired and cranky.

This time last year I was enjoying Mr. Neil's feeders that were just chock full of rose-breasted grosbeaks, orioles, indigo buntings and a whole host of other great spring birds. I had set him up with what I thought was the sturdiest feeder pole out there. Alas, I was living a horrible lie. The very sturdy inch and a quarter pole with and incredibly strong anchor was bent...bent like a cheap twizzler.

Here is the pole now. Why, why, why? Oh, bear, why must you ruin my spring feeder watching?

Look at that, bent and chipping the finish. Mr. Neil has put all bird feeding on hold, we are both hoping the bear will move on. Not only because of the damage to the feeders, but because next spring we are going to start our apiary. I was kind of bummed we missed our chance to get bees this spring, but now that a bear is around, I'm glad we didn't have to worry about our hives getting ravaged.