Mr Neil Got Wrenned

So, I stopped by to install a motion sensitive camera to try and get a photo of the bear that is terrorizing Mr Neil's feeders and decided to check out the bird houses I put up this spring, all of them have been claimed as wren boxes. Not only that, they all appear to be wren decoy nests as opposed to the actual wren nest. (For non birders--house wrens will build several nests--sometimes 5 to 6 and only actually lay eggs in one of them. The others serve as decoys against predators).

Okay, the wren house was a given, the bluebird house was understandable, but the wood duck house?? How much space does an eensy brown bird need?

I'm on the road once again, not going to a festival, just doing some work. There are some great birds right outside the hotel. I heard my first common nighthawk of the season, watched a kestrel nail something in the field and heard a couple of grasshopper sparrows.