Woodcock Video Up

You can now download the video "Looking for Mr. Woodcock" at the Eagle Optics website. It can be downloaded onto an iPod or viewed right on your computer. It's only about 3-4 minutes long.

If you listen close, you can even hear Non Birding Bill chuckle when we finally see the woodcock.

(Edit from Bill: You'll need Quicktime installed on your computer to play the video, or iTunes (which comes with Quicktime). The video is formatted for the video iPod.)

Further edit from Bill: Sharon's reporting that some people are having trouble when they click on the link: instead of the movie downloading, they get a page full of gibberish.

Here's what you do: If you have a multi-button mouse, right-click on the link.
If you have a single-button mouse (Mac-type-people): Hold the Control Key and click on the link. It'll bring up a little sub-menu. Select "Save Link As" or "Download Link As" or what-have-you, and the file will be saved on your computer for your viewing pleasure.