A Quick Cleanser

Okay, another slightly gross post coming up, so I thought I would highlight a couple of other fun entries in the blogosphere to cleanse the pallet.

Birding is NOT a Crime Blog would like the record to show that he posted the Moonwalking Manakin last October--my bad. I love BINAC, he's always tryin' pish the flock--if you know what I mean.

Meanwhile, Wild Bird on the Fly Blog is posted one of the more...oh, I'm too tired to think of a more creative adjective, so I'll say blurry photo submitted to her photo contest. I wonder if she will have a contest of who can correctly identify the bird in the photo. I hope she posts more.

For those in the Twin Cities looking for a William Shakespeare fix, King Lear is being performed by The Cromulent Shakespeare Company starting tonight through June 17. Why would I suddenly have a Shakespeare mention in the blog? Because Non Birding Bill is in it as Oswald. It's a small part, but he gets killed and that's always fun for an actor to play...and at times for a wife to watch. NBB will be quite busy this summer. As soon as this show is over, he starts rehearsal for his Fringe Festival show. Auditions are coming up soon if you know anyone who would like to try out.