In North Dakota

I and the Bird is up!

First, thanks to Ian who kept playing Harry Nilsson's Without You this morning, it's stuck in my head. I downloaded if from iTunes. I'm so sick, I can't stop listening to it. Do you hear that Non Birding Bill?

"I can't Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive, if livin is without you..."

"Not only do I disapprove of your singing, but I disapprove of how you pack! Stop the insanity!"

It was a different world as soon as I crossed over into North Dakota from Minnesota. First the speed limit went up to 75mph and then instead of seeing red-tailed hawks every few miles, I saw Swainson's hawks. Instead of watching red-winged blackbirds dart across the road, they were yellow-headed black birds. And there are willets! What are willets doing here?

Hopefully, I'll get some photos tomorrow. In the meantime, you can check out Bill of the Birds for some ND photos. Boy is it chilly here! I was sweating up a storm packing up the car this morning, but it's oh so breezy now. I went out and bought some socks for tomorrow, I hadn't packed any.