Mom Mixin' It Up

So my dear, "sweet" 67 year old mother came out with the gang from Eagle Optics and the folks at Looker Feeders for dinner after working the trade show last night. I thought she would be the model of decorum:

Non Birding Bill had often described Mom as "Sharon Squared". I think the photo above is deceiving, she rarely drinks. I think she just sniffed that from time to time to get a little buzzed. She's four eight and has the tolerance of a flea. She had a great time. She told me that she took a nap so she could stay out with us until the wee hour of 9pm. Two favorite moments of mixin' my mom with my work crowd:

1. Meeting My Publisher, Adventure Publications:

Birdchick: Mom, this is Gerri and Gordon who own Adenture Publications.

Mom: Oh wow, aren't you a handsome man!

Birdchick: Mom, Gerri is Gordon's wife.

Mom: So! I'm sure she knows how lucky she is to be married to such a handsome man!

Birdchick: Mom.

Mom: He's so burly!

2. Meeting My Boss:

Mom: Sharon, thanks for letting me take your Razor out today to watch the eagles, you know that's a really nice binocular. I like it better than the others in your suitcase.

Birdchick: Great, you should tell Dan that.

Mom: Who's Dan?

Birdchick: The guy at the end of the table.

Mom: Why should I tell him?

Birdchick: Because he designed them.

Mom: You mean...?

Birdchick: Yes, he's my boss.

Mom: He is?! I thought he was just an interloper like me, just hanging out to have a good time. I didn't know he was your boss. I thought a guy like that would look all Madison Avenue and have a pin stripe suit!

At this point, poor Dan was engaged in conversation at the other end of the table and my mother leaned across and started waving her hands.

Mom: Dan! Daaaaaan! Yoo Hoo! Dan! Hey, I really like those binoculars. I didn't know you were Sharon's actual boss!

Everyone was very entertained by Mom and at the end of the evening I overheard Dan tell her:
"Now I think I understand Sharon a little better."

I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. Oh well, I heart my mom.

I saw these bunnies at the Wild Republic booth. I miss my disapproving rabbit!

This was a surprise, Marie Reed (the pronunciation of Marie rhymes with starry) was at Vendormart. I got her book that she did in conjunction with Lang Elliot, Common Birds and Their Songs for my mom since she was such a good sport to go out with us and let me blog about it. That book is a great gift for someone just getting interested in bird song.