Today's Thoughts

You know a book is going to be great, when it gets an endorsement like this. I can't wait until fall, I want to read it now!! I shouldn't whine too much, after all I did get a sneak peak this past April.

I did my first segment on the new morning show called Showcase Minnesota. I was on with Rob Hudson and he officially has street cred with me. When we were introducing ourselves he said, "I love birds, I used to feed hummingbirds when I lived in San Diego, I loved Costa's hummingbirds."

"Wait, you know what a Costa's is?" I asked, surprised. "I've never worked with a host that knows birds before. You're officially cool in my book."

We clicked well together, although he didn't tell me a dirty joke right before we went on air like Pat used to, but he's a nice easy going guy.

When I was driving home I got a great compliment. I was listening to Kevyn and Colleen in the car and they were talking about a new book about great white sharks that just came out. Neither had a huge interest in sharks but commented that sometimes a book is so good, you get interested in that subject. Kevyn then said, "You know, it like that woman on Ian and Margery's show that's always talking about birds. I've never been interested in birds, but I hear her and I think, wow, that's interesting, I'd like to know more."

Thanks, guys, that made my day!

Now I have to face my apartment. This morning before going to KARE 11, I couldn't find my keys. I knew they had to be in the apartment, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to get in the building last night. Poor Non Birding Bill had tidied up the place so I would have a clean home to welcome me. All that was destroyed this morning as I went on a frantic search for my keys. Somehow they fell into the couch and ended up deep in the center. It only took dumping every bag and laundry basket, and moving every piece of furniture to find them in time to leave for the station. NBB took the afternoon off to spend with me. I warned him not to come home, to just maybe go for a nice walk instead.