Still issues with blogger and uploading photos, and I have some great ones too--Drat!

Well, I was ready to head to the gull on Friday but I forgot that my friend the librarian is having a cookout Friday night and I must go. I think I'll have to try for the slaty on Sunday. NBB and I only have one vehicle between us--thanks Twin Cities for great public transportation. But, he needs it for hauling props to rehearsals this weekend. Saturday night there's a Fringe Preview and he and his cast will be there. I can't believe his show opens a week from today. I can't wait to see it, I've only read it.

Hey, if you're an Australian guy reading this who has a first name Maarten, I would love link to your blog with your photos when blogger let's me post them, but you didn't include it in your emails and my searches for it have come up fruitless. I've tried emailing but have not gotten a response.