My Week Is So Off Kilter

So, for some reason I thought that the Raptor Bowl Event was today, when it is in fact next Wednesday. Non Birding Bill has helpfully updated my appearances page to help me manage where I'm supposed to be over the next few months--note that in November I'll be going to Harlingen for the Rio Grande Valley Bird Fest. If you can only afford to do one bird festival, I highly recommend going to this one!

Part of me was very excited that I would have a second whole day at the office this week to catch up on work. I was just setting down to start a blog entry about the dickcissel and bluebirds that I found on my lunch break at TRC yesterday when it suddenly hit me that today is Friday--banding at Carpenter. This holiday week has me so off.

In the meantime, check out the one year anniversarsy issue of I and the Bird--the whys of bird bloggers.