Rockin' The Raptor Bowl

We played a valiant game of lawn bowling today at Brit's on behalf of The Raptor Center and alas we lost, the Eagle Optics team came in 17th--okay that sounds bad, but one team came in 27th. But the important thing is lots of money was raised to help injured birds and lawn bolwing is a fun way to do it. That's Denny Martin in the above photo, rolling our ball. Go, Denny!

Here we have one of the celebrity judges, former pro wrestler Stan "Krusher" Kowalski.

I was excited to see my friend Rover, one of the KARE 11 videographers show up and cover the event. Here Rover is trying to get a shot of Non Birding Bill bowling his ball. He almost knocked Rover over--man, I can tell the heat really got to me today. I'm so tired, "Rover over" is making me giggle like crazy."

Of course, being the kind of girl I am, I had my binos on the whole time. I gave them to Rover to check out--he really liked them. They binos came in handy, one of the adult peregrines flew over the lawn a few times. The first time I started shouting "Peregrine, peregrine!" and jumping up and down while pointing to the sky. NBB cautioned me to cool it as I looked like a crazy drunk. Others saw the bird fly over--I was really excited, because one of the employees at Brit's had no idea you could see such cool birds down town and she got to see it.

The lawn on the roof of Brit's in down town is a great place, maybe I'll do a big sit there this fall?