Some Days I Heart the Onion

Okay, I shouldn't be laughing at this but I need a laugh and the graphic just cracks me up. Someone at The Onion, must be a birder. Here's an excerpt:

Sparrow Aviation Administration Blames Collision On Failure To Detect Pane Of Glass

Mysterious Phenomenon Kills Millions Each Year

July 25, 2006 | Issue 42•30

PIERRE, SD—Sparrow Aviation Administration officials are calling the Monday collision of an westbound sparrow with the window of a Mitchell, SD home a clear case of "controlled flight into glass," after the bird failed to detect a transparent windowpane directly in his flight path.

Sparrow Aviation R

SAA officials describe the crash at a press conference.

Howard R. Trojanowski, a Pierre-bound, 2-year-old field sparrow who had been licensed to fly since two weeks after he was hatched and had logged over 60,000 flying hours, departed from a ledge near Sioux Falls Regional Airport at 11:04 a.m. CST. Trojanowski never reached his intended tree branch, instead striking a tempered-glass picture window 2.5 miles northwest of Mitchell 74 minutes after takeoff at an estimated speed of 39 mph.

There were no survivors.

You have to read the rest of the article, there are more graphics to go along with it. I practically peed my pants from laughing...even though windows killing birds is no laughing matter.