August In The Twin Cities

Every August the Twin Cities kind of realizes, "Crap! It's August, summer is almost over and we have to squeeze in as many festivals and fairs as we possibly can before winter is here!"

We have:
Minnesota Fringe Festival
Uptown Art Fair
Minnesota Game Fair (which I will be attending for the next two weekends)
Irish Fair Minnesota
Minnesota Renaissance Festival
Minnesota State Fair (which is incredibly huge here)
Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Festival

Sheesh, I'm tired just looking at that list. I'm sure I'm missing some events, but these are ones that I'm aware of that we either participate in or I think, "Oh, this year, I'm gonna try and squeeze that one in." August is almost busier than the holiday season here.

The Uptown Art Fair happens a few blocks of where we live so we usually take a walk through the closed streets to see what artsy fartsy stuff is for sale. It appears more fartsy than artsy to me, but there were some interesting booths.

Here was an arty petting zoo at the fair and it so typifies our neighborhood. We're so PC we don't have real animals at our petting zoos for fear it's too cruel for them. We have very artistic fake animals for children to touch for the farm experience. Go Uptown!

Ah, if only Non Birding Bill and I had a yard to put in these large statues of disapproving rabbits. It think Cinnamon would like that. Another booth we really liked was George Raab's, he had some really cool raven etchings.

This wasn't part of an official art booth but is some guerrilla art that can be found around our neighborhood. This one is an actual tile with the chick hatching out of an egg that has been cemented low on one of the shops in Uptown. NBB and I get a huge kick out of finding these little gems in our neighborhood. There are quite a few rabbits with gas masks hidden on buildings too--not sure what they're about but they are cool looking.