Because I Can't Stop Looking At This Bird

Photographer Larry Sirvio often comes to Carpenter banding and gets some great shots. He was there when the red-headed woodpecker arrived and got some great images. I just can't stop looking at this mesmerizing bird and Larry's photos really show the feather detail. He kindly gave permission to post his work in the blog.

Look at the texture of the feathers that Larry's camera captured. You can see that fine wispy hairy effect that the back feathers seem to have. There's something else I wonder about woodpeckers: How do woodpeckers with white bellies keep them so white when they are hopping up and down the sides of trees? I know birds preen and that keeps the feathers clean and in shape, but c'mon their bellies look better bleached than some of my white work shirts. I must know the secret of white feathers...same goes for ring-billed gulls. How does a bird that spends that much time in dumps and sewage areas stay so white?

Along with shots of the woodpecker, Larry sent me a photo of a bird we got in the nets on Friday that I haven't talked about. I don't think I've ever talked about this bird in the blog but it's quite common. It's a good candidate for a photo id contest. I think I will unleash it next week. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaa.

Thanks again for sharing your beautiful photos, Larry!