I Disapprove

I, Cinnamon Q. Rabbit Pants, would like to officially state for the record that I have disapproved of the monumental lack of posts the last few days. Birdchick is blatantly slacking. Oh, yes, she claims to have been "working non stop" since last Friday, but I will have you know that last night when she could have been prudently updating her blog, she chose--willingly, mind you--to go see Snakes on a Plane (a movie I highly disapprove of).

Please feel my pain and know that I understand the frustration over no updates. It's a wonder that I get fed at all. If anyone would care to submit a donation, I could use the following:

Timothy hay
FRESH parsley
green tops of carrots (green tops only, no carrot please, I'm watching my figure)
copious amounts of dried fruit, especially cherries

Thank you.