Just Another Day At Game Fair

Huge sigh of relief at the Stiteler household that Chet Baker is on the road to recovery and back home.

There's been a request for another photo quiz, that will come next week, I am just too swamped with Game Fair this weekend. I am learning that on the fourth day of being next to a shooting range is not as fun as the first day. It's so hard to explain a diopter between bangs.

Who knew weimaraner puppies had blue eyes? Yeah, the puppy dealership booth across the way brought out some heavy ammunition today at Game Fair. Cute little weimaraners--so, tiny, so irresistable. The man running the booth was very clever by saying, "Go ahead and take the pup back to your booth and let it bring in customers." He smiled, knowing that I will instantly fall in love with said puppy and feel an urge to bring it home. He even offered to trade the wee weimaraner for a pair of binos....processing...tempting...processing...no, no I can't. I can't trade binos for puppies and I can't have puppies in my apartment. So there. No puppies for binos...

"I don't approve of weimaraners!"

So, at the end of the day all these little bugs started flying around. I noticed that quite a few had originated from my booth. All the ant mounds in the area were crawling with ants with wings. I wish I was an entomologist, some kind of hatch or dequeening was going on. The winged ants were different sizes and their silver wings made the grass blades dance. One by one they took to the air. Cool. I wonder what was happening, almost all the mounds were exploding with them.

So, still on edge from the sword incident last week, I must be a little more sensitive than usual. When I came home from the fair tonight I noticed this in the bushes in front of our building:

Is that real? I don't know guns at all. I called Non Birding Bill down, he was in the Reserves, he would know. He didn't. We decided to not touch it and flag down a police car (we live near a police station, they pass by frequently). I felt so stupid asking, "Excuse me, officer, is this a real gun?" He took photos, bagged it and said it was probably a toy and took it away. It was probably just one of those stupid lighter guns--which I'm relieved that it was a toy and not a real gun.

And now I leave you with a funny series of photos of the ferruginous hawk at the Falconry Booth. I don't know what it was doing today or what was going on in its head...or with its head.

Anyone got a caption for this last photo? All I can come up with is "Urrrrrp."

Really, dude, how do you expect prey to take you seriously as Nature's Perfect Killing Machine?