Minnesota Fringe Festival 2006 (not bird related)

Since there have been requests as to what Fringe Shows to watch, here is a list from Non Birding Bill. Above is not a photo of NBB's show, but we have photos of the Scrimshaw Brothers hosting the Fringe improve contest--always very funny and worth seeing.

Sharon asked me to send you a few suggestions for Fringe Shows. Since I have no idea what your tastes are, I'll pull a few off my list:

Watching Porn: Duh.

Birdchick note: The show is not as bad as it sounds, there is no nudity and is about a guy named Dave who “learns” about love from the women in adult movies, is it possible for him to have a relationship with real women without completely screwing it up?

The Unbearable Lightness of Being American The "must see" show on everyone's list this year.

In Hope of Claudia The other "must see" show. Kevin Kling is a hell of a storyteller.

1926 Pleasant The definitive Fringe show: set IN a new condo building (I mean, that's where you go for the show, not a theatre), it's a series of puzzles the audience has to solve.

The Rats in the Walls Tim Uren does some really amazing one man shows. This is an HP Lovecraft horror piece, performed at the Mill City Museum.

Cannibal! The Musical From the creators of South Park comes this sly musical about the last American convicted of cannibalism.

Sin Cities 7 A nightly storytelling event, with a different theme sin every night. Sadly, you missed lust.

Thanks for the Scabies, Jerkface I've been hearing nothing but good things about this.

Deviled Eggs Caught a preview of their show; very very funny.

This is just a list from NBB, you can go to the Fringe Website and browse shows and pick them based on title, or check out what the Fringe Bloggers have to say. Audience reviews as well as the mainstream press reviews are coming in, so you can use that as a guide. Remember, each show is only an hour, so you're not losing much time and some shows, even though bad or just not your taste can still leave you with a great story to tell. There a couple of shows already that are getting such nasty reviews that NBB and I will probably check them out, since we have such a love for bad movies.

And remember, come to Fringe for the Shows, stay for the Fringe Night Caps:

It's a great way to meet Twin Cities performers and out of town acts. Last night I met the out of town group doing Dirty Little Showtunes, they open on Tuesday. Friday was the only costume night so the rest of the time you can wear regular clothes.

And again, not something you will ever see at a bird festival.